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I did an interview for the lovely Law of Law Music - she's a mix and mastering engineer #WomenInMusic ! We are #FeaturedArtistOfTheWeek Regan
Read the interview at

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Absolutely love this! See what @stabbedpanda had to say about Piece of Me. Thank you for including us in the November edition of 'Sexy Singles In Our Area'🤘🤘🎧Regan

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Guys...we're only in the ACTUAL newspaper! Love this piece in MK Citizen <3 Regan

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OMG! One Time Thing, Don't Know Me AND our new single have been selected for the UK Songwriting Contest semi-finals! 😀😀😀 seriously loving this news💖💖💖 Regan


Did you hear One Time Thing on MKFM tonight??? Such kind words from Vicki Mcarthy on her show - thanks for your support😀Hometown radio support is amazing🎶 One Time Thing is now on the MKFM playlist💖✌Regan

Don't Know Me has been added to the Fashion Store Sounds playlist from @workhardplaylisthard thank you so much!🤘😀 Also on youtube and deezer. Follow them on Spotify too see more playlists☺Regan
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New artwork for my #SchoolDanceReject playlist! Couldn't get a date to your school dance? Did you identify with Dustin at the Snow Ball at the end of Stranger Things 2? This playlist is for the broken hearted hopeful. This playlist is for you. Regan
Featuring songs by @backstreetboys@swimminggirlsuk @rykersear@bettywho @iamcxloe @katyperry@cyndilauper @emmablackery and more!

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Total MK have listed Piece of Me as a Milton Keynes highlight of 2018!!😘🤘🎶 MK forever!! Thank you💖💖💖Regan

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OMG!!! Our new single, 'Piece of Me' is out everywhere NOW! Spotifyyoutube, itunes, EVERYWHERE! Regan


Awesome news! I wrote music for the Ring Pop Puppies ad! I sang the jingle seen on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Boomerang etc :) Regan

Love this review of Don't Know Me from LyricallySpeaking mag!😃 They liked it a lot so check out the review to see what they thought in detail🎹🎹🎹
More Spotify news for Monday! Thank you to @futurehousecloud for adding Don't Know Me to their Future of Pop playlist😄🤘 
Piece Of Me artwork

Piece of Me has been added to FOUR new Spotify playlists! New Music Monster, The Popularizer, Music Hour UK, and Stabbed Panda <3 Regan

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Heads up! The lovely
@talkaboutpopmusic have certified Piece of Me as FRESH on the blog!🎧 They say it, 'reeks of 80s electro panache' and I am living for that statement😍🔥💖 Read the piece here! Regan 


Don't Know Me is no.9 in the Commercial Pop chart!!!! Thank youuuu so much!! *does cute party dance* Keep listening and downloading! Regan 

pop justice

WOW...the one and only Popjustice have given Don't Know Me their seal of approval!! We are over the moon to be on a Popjustice palylist!! This is so rad SERIOUSLY GUYS💖🤘🎹  

Guys...we're no.6 in the Music Week Pop chart!!! Only a few places behind Lady Gaga & Calvin Harris!! AAHHHH! Thank you😄😄 Get listening to One Time Thing on Spotify 
Still havn't downloaded One Time Thing?? Whatcha been doing! Check out some of the things DJs said about it to see what you are missing out on😉Thanks for sharing the love!🤘💖😘Regan 

School Dance Reject


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